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Security Lighting Tips


Security Lighting Tips

Add Curb Appeal and Safety With Security Lighting

Security lighting tips

Professionally installed landscape lighting is typically meant to enhance the curb appeal and specific visual features of the outside of your home. However with the right options you can also increase the security of your home through specifically designed landscape lighting. If you want to increase the security of your home through landscape lighting there are a few things you should consider.

Lighting placement

While your regular landscape lighting is meant to showcase important features of your home and landscaping, security lighting is meant to illuminate all of the other areas of your yard. Placing the security lighting in the proper location is crucial for its efficient functioning.

Placing lights at a higher elevation will allow them to light up the majority of your yard as well as be out of reach if someone wanted to tamper with them. Another option is to place a transparent covering such as a screen over the lamp so that the bulb cannot be easily broken by potential vandals. You should also consider protecting the wiring for the lights so that it cannot be tampered with. Another possibility is wireless lighting.  This will eliminate the need for any cords and wires that could possibly be damaged by a possible intruder.

Motion sensor lighting

You may already have landscape lighting that illuminates pathways and focuses on the nicer features of your landscape however you should consider installing motion sensor lighting. These flood lights are much brighter and are triggered by motion. Anyone that walks near the lighting sensor will be quickly illuminated. This will help deter unwanted intruders in your yard.

Remote controls

Being able to control your lighting remotely could benefit you and the security of your home when you are not there. There are many options for remote controls via apps or online programs. You will be able to remotely turn on or off the lights at any given time of the day to make it look as if someone were home rather than using a timer.

If your home is outfitted with security cameras  turning on your lights remotely while viewing your home will be helpful. If you receive a notification via your security system you will be able to turn on your lights and view what is happening in your home. If you are considering security lighting for your home follow these tips and consult the landscape lighting professionals at C & L landscape Lighting. They will be able to professionally install all of your security lighting needs.

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