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Residential Landscape Lighting

Residential Exterior Lighting Systems and High-Quality LED Fixtures

Our Professional Outdoor Exterior Lighting Design Company will enhance your property curb appeal with professionally installed LED landscape lighting at your home in Pinellas St Pete. Our lighting designers have installed custom LED lights for many homeowners, in their Front & Back yards, along with their Docks while also highlighting their trees, patios, driveways, pools & more.


Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Designs for your Home

Our local exterior lighting design business focuses on Low voltage property lighting installations at your home with experienced professionals. We can install custom LED lights on any property type or area; Front & Back yard lighting, dock lighting, deck lighting, step and stair lighting, pathway lighting, tree lighting, gardens, patios, driveways, pools more.

We only use state-of-the-art lighting systems, money-saving LEDs and high-quality corrosion free fixtures that are weather resistant, and made to last a lifetime when properly installed at your home. We design custom lighting design layouts that utilize various lighting techniques which include aesthetic, elegant outdoor lighting, ambient lighting, spot lighting, in-ground pathway lights, wall mounted lights and color LEDs adding light to gracefully illuminate your home in even the darkest of spots throughout your property landscape.

Our lighting design installations provide your family with the comfort, security, and safety to enjoy your property at night in a new spectacular light. We will put together a comprehensive lighting design and system for your home, landscape or architecture and we always offer Free Consultations and Estimates.

There are many ways that you can add curb appeal to your property and increase your overall property value at your residence and exterior landscape lighting is the ideal way to achieve this. Whether you plan on selling your property soon, purchasing a new home, or have just moved in, we simply want to help you give your home’s landscape a face-lift with our elegant and affordable outdoor lighting design solutions. You can trust the the professionals at C&L Landscape Lighting, to handle all your exterior landscape lighting installations from start to finish. The main goal of our company is keeping our customers happy and improving their life through exterior outdoor landscape lighting designs, and we will guarantee to provide your family with the comfort, security, and safety to enjoy your property at night with our exterior lighting design systems.


Residential Landscape Lighting Provides Safety and Security

With a properly installed lighting design, your family and the visitors to your property can safely walk through and around your property without tripping or stumbling on unseen hazards. Our Pinellas Landscape Lighting company provides professional path-light installations, deck lights, dock lights, exterior lights and more that will offer you and your guests access to every part of your property elegantly and safely through the night as you entertain or unwind.

In addition to safety lighting for your residential landscape, our various lighting techniques can be applied to provide enhanced security as well. Our professional safety light design installations can be applied in such a way as to add light even to those darkest spots throughout your property to ensure noting remains hidden or out of sight. Our design experts are happy to review your property and determine burglar and vandal access points if desired as well, so we may understand what your exterior home lighting goals are, or where someone may enter your residence undetected and we may want to add extra light. Prevent burglaries and vandalism on your property and provide added security and comfort for you and your family, with a new or upgraded exterior landscape lighting system to improve your enjoyment at home.

Exterior Home Lighting Systems Improve Outdoor Living

Each of our custom exterior lighting system solutions can be adjusted accordingly to aid you in your activities as well as set the mood for the types of outdoor living activities you and your family or guests like to enjoy at night around your home’s unique features. If you are looking to organize a romantic dinner on the patio or outside deck, the lights can be automatically turned on, dimmed or added to pick up the mood of the party with brighter lights. Turn on direct down lights above the barbecue and outdoor kitchen preparation area to treat you and your guests to good times and light comfortable areas or docks at your property for improving the time for relaxing and to safely guide the way as you get to enjoy your home residence further at night.  With our professional exterior residential lighting services, anything will be possible. Contact C&L Landscape Lighting for your free consultation and estimate today.