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Outdoor Lighting Maintenance


Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Tips

When you have professionally installed landscape lighting for your home you want to be sure that it continues to work efficiently and properly. Proper outdoor lighting maintenance of your lighting system is important. Here are some tips for taking care of and maintaining your landscape lighting.


Typical halogen lamps will last for about 8 to 15 months. In order to keep the lights working properly you should replace all of the light bulbs about once a year because if one lamp burns out then it will reduce the voltage on the system and can cause the others to burn to burn brighter than they are supposed to.  This will cause repeated burn out.


Trees grow and plants mature. Your lighting might need to be changed due to the changes in your landscape. Also if you add new plans or remove plants you will likely need adjustments to your landscape lighting. The landscape lighting professionals will come in and easily adjust where the lights are based on your landscaping needs.

Annual service

A great way to be sure your landscape lighting works properly year-round is to opt for an annual maintenance contract. Annually the professionals will come out and check your every light and Replace any bulbs that have blown out.   Lamps will also be cleaned of dirt and debris and wires will be checked for proper working condition.  Annual maintenance is a great way to keep up with the maintenance of your lighting.

Outdoor lighting maintenance is important to increase the value and longevity of your landscape lights. They can illuminate and feature the architecture and beauty of your home.  Be sure to follow these tips for proper maintenance.  If you would like to upgrade or change your lighting or are interested in an annual maintenance contract call the professionals at C & L Landscape Lighting today.

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