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Landscape Lighting Repair or Replacement?


Landscape Lighting Repair or Replacement?

Landscape Lighting Repair vs. Replacement

Has the lawnmower or weed whacker clipped some lighting wires? Is your landscaping overgrown and covering your lighting? Are your lighting fixtures broken or out dated? You may have some issues with your outdoor lighting and you’re not sure if you should have it repaired or replaced. Here are three considerations to help you decide if you need replacement or repair for your landscape lighting.

Lighting fixtures

Do you have some lighting fixtures that may be made of plastic or composite that have chipped or broken? Well you’re only real option is a replacement. Cracked and broken lighting can be dangerous as well as look terrible. The higher quality of materials used dictates how long the fixtures will last. If you had lower grade materials you might want to consider replacing them with copper or brass instead because it they will hold up much longer.

Connections and wires

Many times wires can become loose or broken. Between gardening, critters, children and even weather this is a very common problem. If you have a loose or broken connections this is easily repaired by professional landscape lighting company. Your connections will be replaced with corrosion resistant connectors and waterproof connections to prevent moisture and other weathering. This will help your wires and connections last a long time.  Also, your wires will be buried and placed where they aren’t as affected by gardening or other things that may cause damage.

Landscape Lighting Cost

Cost is certainly an issue when dealing with any home improvements or repairs. Initially it may seem like a less expensive choice to make some small repairs. However these repairs can add up if you really need replacement. Talk to the professionals and consider all of your options before deciding on whether to pay less for repairs or take on a more costly yet higher quality replacement.


Overtime connections can become lose at the transformer; this can be easily repaired. However, if a loose connection has created a short or caused any type of melted wires or even a fire you must have them replaced. Taking care of your transformer properly can help prevent dangerous situations. Furthermore you should not mess with electricity on your own. This is certainly a time to call in the professionals.

When you are deciding landscape lighting repair or replacement the best place to start is by calling the professionals. At C & L Landscape Lighting we will send our experts out to your home to diagnose your issues and present you with the options. We will work with you and your budget to assure that you have beautiful and functional landscape lighting.

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