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Landscape Lighting Methods

Outdoor lighting is meant to be both beautiful and functional.

At C & L Landscape Lighting we offer several unique “Lightscape” techniques to enhance the exterior of your home and outdoor entertainment areas and we use only the highest quality products with manufacturers warranties.

Ask about our LED Landscape Lighting installation specials or call to have us explain all the new and exciting lighting products available today through C & L Landscape Lighting.

Landscape Up-lighting – This technique is used when a light is surface-mounted or placed in the ground and angled up to display a tree, artwork or structure.

Landscape Pathway Lighting – A decorative path light is placed to illuminate across a surface such as a walkway or driveway. By offering a wide range of lights our clients can choose a fixture that matches the architecture of their home.

Landscape Specialty Lighting – C & L Landscape Lighting offers “special” lights that enhance our clients’ house and entertainment needs.  We offer Color Branding for a small upgrade, colors include but not limited to amber, blue, green, orange, red and violet.  We also have a wide selection of fixtures that are used for handrails, stairs and bench seating on decks and submersible water proof dock lights, which can be a focal point for any outdoor activity or safety.