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Landscape Lighting Installation

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C & L Landscape Lighting design’s and install’s low voltage lighting system’s to highlight your homes architecture, shrubs and the added option of security with energy efficient LED fixtures.  We design everything to ensure that you get the proper lighting that you need to show your home and keeping it illuminated safely.  Keeping your budget in mind we offer a wide variety of quality and technologically advanced fixtures that are designed to outperform the competition!  Advances in technology include engineering and innovation with optics and drivers, no bulbs!  Also, a lifetime warranty on drop-in LED bulbs.

When doing landscape lighting installation, we use the leading triple coverage lifetime LED transformer, brass crimp every connection, and then place the connections in a dielectric grease tube to ensure connection integrity.  If you use clip-on connectors, the connection will go downhill immediately as there is no way to keep moisture out of the system.  We will come to your home with a free LED lighting demonstration and fixtures that will best suit your project’s need, your taste, and your budget.

LED Landscape Lighting Upgrade

We can also upgrade your current systems with new LED drop-in bulbs, fixtures or new design and replace with a totally new LED system if needed.  Call Today!