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Landscape Lighting Installation Guide


Landscape Lighting Installation Guide

When is the best time to install landscape lighting? Landscape Lighting Installation Guide:

If you are in the process of adding some hardscaping to your outdoor area you may be wondering how these areas could be enhanced by landscape lighting. Every outdoor area will need lighting at some point. Landscape lighting can help with security as well as enhance the beauty and overall usage of your outdoor space. When projects are happening you may not be sure when the best time for lighting installation. You certainly don’t want to wait too long to call a lighting contractor. It could take several weeks from the initial appointment to gather and collect all the materials needed for your job.   With that said here are a few tips about when the best time for landscape lighting installation is for a variety of outdoor projects.

New hardscape

The most efficient way for a lighting installer to work with new construction is to be in on the project as early as possible. This way the lighting installer can work with the landscape designer to enhance the project. The construction process will dictate where the landscape lighting should be placed.   The lighting designer can work together with the contractor from the get go to create a cohesive outdoor area.

Unsure if you want lighting in a new project?

Another possibility is that you are unsure if you want lighting in your new design. You should still have a landscape designer come out because there are certain adaptations that can be made during the process so that lighting can be easily installed down the road. This could save you money in the future should you choose to add lighting.

Existing hardscape

If you have an existing project that you are looking to enhance with outdoor lighting then you are not alone. Most outdoor lighting is installed after projects are complete. Lighting experts are well versed in how to retrofit landscape lighting into your existing landscape.   Let C&L be your landscape lighting installation guide. You can call anytime for a landscape lighting designer to come out to help you create a lightscape or enhance an already existing feature of your home.

When it comes to planning for outdoor lighting it’s always best to plan far in advance however our experts can also install custom lighting into any existing hardscape project to enhance your home. When you are ready to install landscape lighting call the experts at C & L Landscape Lighting. Our designers will help you choose the best lighting options to enhance the exterior your home.

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